Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 3 (K127) 205/55R17 95W available in Keighley

205/55R17 HANKOOK K127 F1 EVO 3 95W


Ventus S1 Evo 3 (K127)

205/55R17 HANKOOK K127 F1 EVO 3 95W

Performance, driving safety, ride comfort and sustainability is the philosophy of our new S1evo³ premium tyre
Fully fitted price: £101.00


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Tyre tread
Interlocking profile blocks
  • Interlocking tread blocks provide significantly improved cornering stability, even on wet and dry roads.
Specially reinforced outer shoulder
  • The optimized pitch sequence and the newly developed tread structure improve smoothness and handling
Inner shoulder
  • The special profile block arrangement of the inner shoulder to the central tread area ensures improved wet grip, as well as optimized water displacement.
Outer shoulder
  • The special profile arrangement of the outer shoulder to the central tread area ensures an optimal Grippniveau when cornering and reduces the rolling noise of the tread blocks.
Tyre structure
Tread compound
  • The Aqua Pine tread compound contains raw materials such as resins from pine and vegetable oils, which are mixed in state-of-the-art equipment. This provides increased tread hardness and stability as well as excellent wet performance.
Use of high strength steel belt wire
  • The high-strength belts efficiently absorb external forces, increasing tire longevity and ride comfort.
Aramid reinforced belt
  • The aramid reinforcement counteracts the balloon effect. Thus, the tire contact patch remains constant even at high speeds, thereby enabling higher cornering speed.
Double-layered fiber reinforcement
  • The double-layer fiber reinforcement of the carcass strengthens the tire hardness structurally.
Folded belt edge
  • The reinforcement of the belt was further increased.
Strong seamless bead cable
  • By increasing the binding forces between the tire and the wheel, the seat of the tire is optimally guaranteed even at high acceleration.





W (Max Speed: 168mph)

95 (Max Load: 690kg)