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We now offer TPMS Servicing, Reset and Replacement. 

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. When a tyre is replaced or a puncture repaired on a vehicle without TPMS, it is normal practice to replace the rubber valve. For vehicles fitted with direct TPMS, it’s no different. The valve part of a TPMS sensor is susceptible to deterioration, just like a regular snap-in TR414 valve. There are two basic types of TPMS sensor valves - snap-in and clamp-in. The process of servicing each type is slightly different.

We now have over 200 Winter Tyres instock. We can get more Winter Tyre Brands if you call us then what you see on the website. We can get all types of Winter Tyre brands from Budgets to Premium. If we dont have the Winter Tyre brand you want instock please call us.  

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